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Lower back pain

Do you suffer from lower back pain? You are not alone. Lower back pain is the second most common reason people seek medical help, after the flu. From the world of physical therapy, we know that 80% of the population suffer from back pain that can be handled effectively with physical therapy, acupuncture for acute conditions, and gentle pressure to the spine to reduce pain, and for chronic phase, ergonomic consulting in the workplace.

Possible sources of back pain

In most cases, the source of the pain is mild to moderate damage to muscles and tendons, damage to the cartilage between the vertebrae (bulging or herniated disc), damage to the tissue enveloping the muscles (fascia), the spine or a few vertebrae, from tumors. Anxiety can be a source of back pain, as can dissatisfaction at work, poor ergonomics, etc.

Back Pain Signs and Symptoms

Back pain may include a variety of symptoms and signs such as a burning sensation, tingling and numbness in part of an leg or arm, weakness in one or more muscles and limitation in movement. Lower back pain may occur suddenly or gradually. It can be sharp or blunt, short-lived (up to a month) or chronic (over three months), long-lasting and/or with remissions, as well as focused or radiating.

Back pain treatments

Back pain is usually treated effectively with physical therapy and movements directed to the spine, which shorten the healing period. Physical therapy includes many treatments including treatment to the fascia, Western acupuncture (dry needling) which is quite different from traditional Asian acupuncture. We enter the muscle in a trigger point area to release it from strong cramps. Acupuncture catalyzes the local blood supply and helps the therapist to reach the desired balance of muscle tension, which affects immediate back pain. This is usually followed by stretching and strengthening exercises.

Back pain requiring surgical intervention

It is advisable to examine each case from the easiest to most complex. Some cases of back pain may require surgery. It is very important not to confuse back pain that seems simple with that requiring surgical intervention. In these severe cases, the problem may worsen and reach a state of paralysis or incontinence. It is important to see an orthopedic or a neurosurgical spine specialist.

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Back Pain Treatment

A, individual with back pain may experience rapid improvement in his condition with few physical therapy treatments. The person will be able to move better and return to daily activities. However, treating damaged tissue takes longer and requires the patient to cooperate and work correctly with his body to allow it to rebuild itself. It is important to repeat or begin a sensible exercise program over time to prevent future back pain. It is recommended to visit a clinic for preventive treatment for pain, occasionally, even for those who do not have pain, so that it will not appear unexpectedly and cause you to lose valuable time from your activities.

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