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ד"ר עוז צור פיזיותרפיסט מומחה באבחון וטיפול בבעיות סחרחורת


Zur Balance Method to improve balance for all ages

Zur Balance is a method developed by Dr. Oz Tzur, after ten years of experience —experience caring for thousands of patients suffering from peripheral or central instability, falls and dizziness. Performing the Zur Balance Method exercises correctly, teach the brain to bypass the defective balance reactions and to develop a new balance system capable of more efficient and accurate equilibrium reactions, with the goal of preventing the next fall.

The method is suitable for anyone suffering from poor balance at any age, but it is especially important for the elderly population, which has a high rate of falls. In Western countries, about 30% of elderly individuals fall at least once a year, which is the most common reason for visits to the emergency room among this population. Falls can cause a many difficult problems, including bruising, fractures, anxiety, various complications following and of course, high economic costs.

Preventing falls and improving quality of life

You can prevent the next fall, you can increase your security and reduce your  anxiety

— and all this with the help of correct exercises and perseverance.

The Zur balance groups have the following goals and activities:
Physically – improving equilibrium reactions and response speed, strengthening postural muscles, improving coordination, increasing range of motion and improving endurance of the heart and lungs
Mentally – raising awareness of falls and their consequences, recognition of personal mobility and improving concentration and memory
Socially – improving quality of life and receiving support from the group
Emotionally – increasing self-confidence, improving quality of life and reducing anxiety

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Zur Balance Method Group Activities

• Goal: reduce feelings of dizziness and instability
• The system provides personalized treatment to each participant.
• Meetings take place within a yearlong workshop with weekly meetings
• The method combines personal and group exercises.

Who should participate in Zur Balance Method groups?

• Adults who suffer from imbalance
• Adults who have fallen, bruised or broke their hip or other joints
• Children with poor space perception and poor coordination
• Adults or children with special needs

Zur Balance for individuals

• Goal: Reduce the feeling of dizziness and imbalance and reduce sensation of pain radiating into different places in the body – through customized exercises in your home, twice a day, using personalized exercises.
• Personal practice is done after repeated meetings with a qualified therapist.

Who should participate in the Zur Balance Method for individuals?

• Anyone interested in personalized care or who cannot participate in group exercises
• People who have difficulty attending a group at the scheduled times

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